Friday, September 30, 2011

Idol hands are the Devil's competition.

A vista of emptiness surrounds my mind. In all directions, the vast of blanket nothingness spreads further and further. Even as my mind is wiped clean, my body is losing the ability, the will to create, to organize, to even move. I can only watch and listen, hoping all that I consume can fill this void that is slowly laying waste to my mind, body, and soul.
So many thoughts and inspirations swam within the oceans of my mind. So many visions and concepts towered and grew over the landscape of my consciousness. Encroached by the void, the oceans are drying up revealing flat, cracked, sunbaked planes. Views that before would awe and inspire are now lifeless crags of crumbling decay that molder and fill the air with putrid choking dust.

I hate writers block...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pep at 2 p.m.

Brewing some coffee, waiting for a call that may never come, and wondering if I should get some creamer.

Decisions, decisions.

Cheap, crappy creamer, or the pricey, tasty kind.

Will it break the bank? Will spending a few dollars cause finances to collapse? Will it make the java silky and creamy or leave it clotted and gritty?

At least I still have some cinnamon left.

Hunting the elusive creature.

So, I've be hunting around for a different job for the last few weeks, and so far to no avail. Only the most common and skill-less ones are out and about. I have a snare waiting and ready for one that seems to be within view but, I think it sees me and and is wary about moving closer to the bait I've laid out for it.

The more common ones give even less that what I receive now and would just be a detriment to the cause. That or they are of such a degrading breed that only the young or the most in need would take on.

While my hunts have been fruitless, I have been attempting to breed my own. My skills in sector are limited, and any useful results wouldn't come about until months or (gulp) years of private study and training.

One can only hope for the best at this juncture, and press on diligently.

Tally ho and such forth.