Saturday, October 1, 2011

Making makes the bills go away.

I want to create things. I want to create things that people can enjoy. Things that people can read, hear, or watch. Things that can make them smile. Things that make them happy.
Isn't that what we all really want to do?
To scare and make them giggle when they realize they are safe. To sadden so they think more about theirs lives and the ones around them. Or simply just make them laugh at the silliness before them.
To escape. That's why we do the things we enjoy. To escape from the dull, the difficult, the repetitive.
We create to escape as well. Perhaps even more so. Since we can't live in our dreams and visions, we create them the best we can with what we can.
But when something is in your minds eye, and you lack the knowledge, the ability, the skill to let it run free for others to enjoy...
It's like letting fruit over ripen on the tree because you cannot afford a taller ladder in which to collect it before it falls to the ground, rotted and sour.
Many plans and schemes are attempted to make the inspirations in our heads form into something tangible or sensory. Often, however, they are either left abandoned in boredom for another shiny vision or are aborted mid development because they do not take to the form that was originally conceived.
Alas the pit filled with the corpses of discarded ideas and thoughts is a sacrifice to the gods of creation that must be made.
Still, I try to create. Buckling down with a lesson or guide that promises to help show the way to the skills that I require to manifest my visions. Bits of knowledge are picked up here and there, slowly increasing the size of my bag of tricks. But it’s never enough to hone a sharp enough edge to cut through the clay and reveal the sculpture that was trapped inside all along.
Someday it be sharp enough. Sharp enough to cut through my own insecurities and doubt. Sharp enough to sever the parts of myself that hold me back from doing the most simplest of things...
Make people happy.

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