Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bestest game evar!!!11

I really should come up with something else to talk about instead of my usual rantings about how befuddled with life I am. Talk about a whiner, eh?

As I write this out I am currently listening to the song "Galileon" by Linde. The album which it appears, Lander, is a great bit of chipmusic released on the 8bitpeoples net label. The album before it, Trenchvent, is also just as groovy. Both make use of FM chips or synths that create FM sounds to a degree that makes you wonder, at least for me, what Sega Genesis game did these songs come from.

The reason I mention these, other than the fact they rock, is because I was messing around today with some pixel art in an attempt to make some vehicles for a Herzog Zwei type game I had in mind. After building a little tank or so, I loaded HZ in a emu and watched the demos cycle through a bit to get a better feel for the look of the game.
Then I searched teh internets a bit for some info on the game itself. I read the wiki and looked at a forums posts here and there and came across a mention of a game called Airmechs.
So, out of curiosity I checked it out. And in doing so, totally destroyed my idea for my own HZ type game.

Airmechs looked so amazingly kickass, I immediately threw my hands up in defeat. How in the holy hell could I compete with that? That was damn near the same game I had pictured in my head whenever I thought about HZ coming back from the grave and onto modern systems.

Ah, once again I am whining. Sorry about that.

Anyway, after having my hopes dashed from seeing that, I began to wonder if I could pull this off. Doubt and uncertainty again clouded my mind. But I was able to pull through it and continue my pixel doodles anyway. I still need to come up with something, and quick but I keep getting different ideas that shove each other around to get my attention. Sooner or later these battling thoughts will settle down at a table come up with a plan of attack, as it were, for a single and concrete idea.

Until then, I continue my best efforts to actually do some work every day toward the cause. Of course Skyrim comes out on Friday.


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