Saturday, July 21, 2012

...I could be in Wisconsin.

I don't live where I used to anymore. Since I don't live there, I really can't say with certainty what is going on there. I could mention the goings on that are happening here, but that would be, well, not interesting. At least, I think not. 

I could be wrong, but country living isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Sure you have the clean(er) air (Unless you count the fire near by that is ending smelly smoke all over), little to no traffic (unless the count all the trucks constantly hauling grain down the road), and of course peace and quite (unless you count the whiny dog, squawking parrot and cat hair everywhere).

Just mowing lawns, cleaning garages, pick'n veggies, doing dishes, and watering trees. Some city folk would no doubt jump at the chance to have such a life of ease and simplicity. But if you're a guest in your (near retirement age) parents house, live miles from the skimpy local job market, lack transport, have crushing debt, and scrape by with what little your hosts can spare, country live'n starts to look kinda like weak sauce.

But hey, living rent free amirite?

So the point? Just another bitch and moan session I suppose.  Something to write down, edit, and present. Better than letting everything get mushed inside and evaporate into "should have dones". Releasing the noise in my head and filling the silence with it seems more appropriate. 

I have done a few things I guess. I did find some old Apple II software of mine that I thought had been long lost. Stumbled across some old audiobook cassettes that had also been lost. Getting better at making tunes. Although that's to be heard I suppose. My art is getting better too. In increments. So there's that.

Now if can just get this belly downsized a bit...

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