Saturday, December 15, 2012 game, MY RULES!

Well after five days of wondering if my game would make it through the gauntlet that is the App Store review process, I received the green LED of approval!

So hopefully, in a day or two it should appear in the iTunes app store. Ready for the masses to scrutinize and even better enjoy.

"So what is this game you keep blathering on about?"

Glad you asked fictional person...

Duck Duck is the name.
Smacking ducks is the game.
Cow, pigs, and birds also appear.
Zipping left and right they must adhere.
Hunting for a secret is for the brave.
If you're lucky you'll be invited to a bump'n rave.


So thats the gist of it basically, a simple touch game with blocky pixel graphics and chip-ish style music made in Sunvox.

I'll post a link when it actually pops up in-store.

/me cross fingers for soon.

Now, about those other games I have in the works....

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