Monday, March 18, 2013

..until it's over.

Interesting few weeks around here to say the least.
Grandmother passed on, Mom royally fucked up broke her knee and I'm sick (but on the mend now).

Dev'ing is slow, per usual reasons, other work/internets but it goes on, ever forward.

Excelsior! or something...

Plus, I dun goofed, and neglected  to mention that I not only got the update for Duck Duck done, but had also given it a name change to Duck Rush. 

Sounds better methinks. Snazzier. With a hint of a cool mountain breeze flowing pass your face and making the butterflies flutter... 

Or, something like that, yeah.

Oh, and Duck Rush is on sale for free for today. :D Once I get the next update and another game out, I'll considering  make free permanently, but gotta figure GM:S out first.

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