Tuesday, October 15, 2013

... this time actually delivering.

I put up a little teaser trailer for my in development game Zombie Tomato Attack.
With any luck it'll be ready for Apple's approval/scrutiny before the end week.


Valdez V. said...

Just got your game dude :)
Pretty good 8 bit tomato zombie nostalgia...congratulations on your work!
I have a strong suggestion: I think the "START" menu interface can be enhanced a little bit...When you just enter, you must select either "10 Waves" or "Endless", but as soon as the screen shows they do appear colored as "selected" - so it's a little bit confusing...you might want to gray them just like the rest of the unselected items. Also, once you have selected one of the game modes, you cannot deselect any option unless you go "back to title"...this mere User interface usability can disappoint a lot...I really recommend you to work on that...another nice enhancement you can do is that common tomato enemies should leave power ups as well...sometimes the game gets very hard...

sgtcrispy said...

Thanks for giving my game a whirl and for the input, I appreciate it. :)

The selection screen does need a tad bit of refining. I'm working on some visual and content upgrades, so that menu idea would fit in nicely. The worst part is that I seem to think of a better way for something afterwards.

Again, thank you! :)