Saturday, May 17, 2014 time like whenever.

Haven't done one of these in a while, so what's been happening?
Well, I have gotten updates for Duck Rush and ZTA made up. Duck Rush adds "Hunt Mode". Bit of a homage to Safari Hunt if you will. Never did get in to Duck Hunt.

ZTA however add quite a bit. Two additonal level, a revamping of the "10 Waves" mode ( different enemy apearences and bosses.), also a  massive graphics overhaul and "music improvements".

Alas, these updates are held back by a rather annoying error when building. So until this little "problem" can be eliminated, I am unable to update. So annoying... Oh well I guess.

In a attempt to fix it, I've reformted the netbook I've been using for building and hopefully with fresh installs the error will be fixed. /me crosses his fingers.

In more recent news, I've worked on a 32x32 resolution game for the #lowrezjam over at called Grey Lands.

I went with an top down action rpg-ish for this, and learned quite a bit. In the process of making it, it turned into a prototype. This time around though it won't be for ios.

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