Tuesday, February 2, 2016

...pews pews for everyone!

Been a while huh. Anyway, I'm working on a shooter, or as the more common parlance would
say, a "shmup". I really hate that term, but what can you do?

Oh yeah, "shmup" = shooter from now on.

"So, a shooter you say?"
Yes. I've always wanted to make my own shooter for quite a while,  but now I have enough
of a grasp of GML to make it real. Technically I've made two already,
( http://sgtcrispy.itch.io/ ), but whatever.

"So what's the plan, man?"
Here's the low down on the project thus far:

1: Vertical scroller with 8-10 levels.

2: Not quite NES style graphics. I'm using a 64 color palette, and sticking to a 7
color + transparency scheme for sprites. If you've seen Arnes Famicube project,
( http://www.androidarts.com/palette/Famicube.htm )
Basically I'm a doing a game like that. A few exceptions of course, on-screen
sprite limits, audio limits ect.

3: SunVox made music and sfx. I've decided to not go ahead and use FamiTracker for the bgm
and sfx, instead I'm switching back to SunVox for the audio. I'll try and keep
to "lo-fi" in general.

4: It's not a Bullet Hell style shooter. ie: Screen filling pink orb bukkake and large
chested jailbait. Sorrynotsorry. (Rant on this forthcoming...)

5: Stuff I'm sure I forgot to mention....

"Enough jibber jabber! Show us the goods!"
Art work: Normal baddies are mostly done. 8 with 2-3 variations. 16-ish? Tweaking to-do.
Boss #1 is under going polish and Boss #2 is still under construction.
Others still in design stage.
Player ship: Tweaking to-do on sprite and weapons.
Background level art: hmm what now... yeah.. slow..
Music: About the same...
Coding: Player controls done. Tweaking baddies.
Weapons system tweaking: 1 main weapon, 5 upgradable sub weapons.
Tile scrolling coding: System is in place but trying to come up with a less tedious way
of doing it. (ds_grid/array or such)

"Goods! Show! NOW!"
Ah yes. Here's a pic of the current baddie lineup and player ship candidates.
Not much but hey.

"What is it called?"

Several years ago I started with a simple black and white game (??) for ios,
then strictly in NES style.
However this project was started in earnest almost a year ago, and has evolved quite
a bit since.
Now, a year later, and it's still incomplete. Other games and ideas had been distracting, but now, true purpose has grabbed a hold and it's full throttle.

Back in the summer my older brother came to visit for a couple of weeks and helped
me hammer out ideas and concepts. He was a major kick in the pants to get this
dream of mine going, and with him getting married in May, I own it to him at the very
least to get an near finished build as a wedding gift. Hopefully I can get an
actual real playable demo released for his birthday which is coming up as well.

Once this is done, then I can start on Greylands 2...

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